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Overwhelmed by His presence


God’s presence is everywhere but His power could be dormant in some places. What makes the church different from a town hall meeting is the power of God which is the manifestation of the presence of God. (Insert 139:7).  Even hell has the presence of God, but His power is dormant.  Wherever God’s presence is dormant, it's as good as hell. 


The first point I will like to emphasize is that every born again Christian carries the presence of God. Even when you are sinning; His presence is there but His power is dormant.  Have you ever gotten to a point where it's as if God has forsaken you? Yes, we’re all been there. The attack of the devil is to get you to a point of doubting the presence of God. Once you think God is not with you, you will believe that the devil is with you. Many times, when we feel like this, it's usually when we think things aren't working.


What you're going through is not strong enough to tell you whether or not God is with you. Consider Joseph. His journey was looking from bad to worse but we know the truth that every point in time God was with Joseph.


Stop judging God by what you are going through. Check out Hebrews 13.5-6. He said he will not leave us or forsake us. If He is a God that is true to His word, he meant what he said.  You will go through things; you cannot avoid the trials of life but God will see you through them. He won't ever leave you Isaiah 43:2 assures us that when we go through fire, He is with us.


Don't depend on your training profession or expertise. What gives you true success is that God is with you. Consider Joshua 5.  Joshua learned a lot from Moses but that alone can't get him success.  He said as he was with Moses, he was with Joshua.  Know that the Lord is with you and His presence is real.


The demand of DIVINITY from HUMANITY is in his presence. Mark 3:14-16 he wants your presence in His presence. The primary reason He made us is fellowship. This is His pleasure. When the devil introduced sin, it wasn't to make man fall per se, it was to deny the humanity of the power of relationship with God.  What concerns God is the time you spend with him!!!
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