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God does not expect you to complete your divinely-given assignment by your human resources. Every vision that God gives you is bigger than you, and you cannot run a God-given vision based on your plans neither can you finance it with your savings. Many people stop pursuing their God-given visions because they try to sponsor them by themselves only to find out that they cannot. Looking into the scriptures, we see that everyone who fulfilled a God-given mandate had to depend on someone or something other than themselves.

To properly depend on God for your resources, you must:

  • know that there is a reality of divine resources.
  • realize that divine resources differ from natural resources and that the extent of their effects also differs.
  • learn to connect and stay connected to divine resources

Indeed, there is a reality of God meeting our needs at all times. Consider these examples from the scripture:

  • protection for Rahab (Joshua 2)
  • provision of food for Elijah (1kings 17)
  • supply of men for David (1Chronicles 12)
  • sustenance for the Israelites (Nehemiah 9:21)
  • favor for Esther. The force of favor was the divine resource for Esther. She received favor, not just in the sight of the king, but in the sight of all (Esther 2:15)
  • Ruth had the resource of generational linkage. God gave her the understanding of generational linkages
  • for Abraham, it was covenant establishment
  • Isaac also received covenant establishment and increase in time of famine (Genesis 26)
  • the widow of the prophet servant had her debt paid off (2kings 4).  Notice in the story that the oil did not finish, it stopped. There is a big difference.

What you have is not as important as the understanding you have of who you are in redemption and who God is, and what He is capable to do for you. God does not give you money; He gives you exceedingly great and precious promises. You now have the responsibility to learn to convert promises to tangible things. What God gives you is in its seed form, it is up to you to make it into whatever you want.  The word of God/His promises are seeds. Use the word of His promise to get what you need in tangible form.

Remember that divine supply does not stop. When it seems it has stopped, ask the Lord and He will show you the next source. Divine supply does not always come in the form or through the channel you expect, so have an open mind before God so as not to miss divine supply. And this is where the word of God comes in, as a major way to tap into divine resources. When there is a need, understand what God is saying concerning the matter and what He had already said. Balance the written word with what God is saying at present.

To tap into divine resources, you need these:

  1. Seed: Your normal but divinely inspired acts connect you to divine supply. Consider Rahab in Joshua 2. The act of sowing seeds allowed the Philippians to access prophetic promise. Giving is a normal but divine supplying act.
  2. Enjoy an unbroken relationship with God’s servant. Consider 1 Samuel 22:23. The connection you have with God’s servant connects you to supernatural resources. As long as you're connected with men of God you are safe.
  3. Your faith is a connector in the spirit. By faith, so many things happen for you. You cannot receive from God without faith. When it seems all has stopped, faith says that things are still available.
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