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To avoid destiny failure, we need to know and guide against causes of destiny failure. They are as follows:

·         Heart failure: The heart involves thought and intentions. (Study the examples of David's brothers in 1Samuel 16 and of Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8:20-21.) Your heart must not fail God. When your heart fails it leads to the absence of strength, integrity, and obedience. You can get away with many things but heart failure is not one of them. It is very easy to recognize and to avoid by following Proverbs 4:23 --Keep your heart with all diligence….

·         Vision failure: Understand that resources flow in the direction of vision. Lack of vision leads to a disastrous and wasteful life. (Study the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32.) You can tell vision is failing when you begin the habit of quitting, when you can't contribute to Gods program and when you habitually spend everything without saving or investing into destiny. To avoid vision failure, we must master the dynamics of vision: Vision. Mission. Passion.

·         Time failure: John 9:4 confirms that we all have been given a limited time on the earth. We must do God’s will while we have the chance. We can avoid time failure by dealing with the habit of procrastination, understanding the dynamics of time and chance, and by having a destiny pacer.

·        Money failure: to avoid money failure, understand the dynamics of money.  Money flows and you have to tap into it. Understand how to save and how to seed. Tap into the grace for saving and sowing.

·         Wisdom failure: As you move on in life, stop laboring in vain and start thinking. Move from hand to head. Start thinking. (Study Nabal’s story in 1Samuel 25, study the story of the rich fool in Luke 12:13-21, read Ecclesiastes 10:15.)  One of the causes of wisdom failure is a lack of a father figure who provokes accountability and from whom discipline and knowledge can be garnered. Another reason for wisdom failure is “soul above spirit syndrome”. Don't develop your soul (talents, feelings, etc.) at the expense of your spirit. Your spirit connects you to God. To avoid wisdom failure; have a father figure, get into the word of God.

·         Faith failure: It is the inability to use your position to change your condition. It is when you stop to solving your problems God’s way and your life lacks supernatural contributions. Consider this:  you can never run divinely-given projects on natural resources. You can only run them on spiritual resource of faith. Start putting your faith to work now! Feed your faith and starve your fear.

Assistance failure: Study the case of the lame man in John 5:7, the story of Moses, Aaron and Bezaleel in Exodus 31, and the story of the Ethiopian eunuch in acts 8: 30-31. Pride and demonic resistance cause assistance failure.  To avoid this, understand the power of divine relationship and seek for the anointing.

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What should you do so you can see the hands of the invisible working in your life? How do you cooperate with God for your dreams to come true?

Hebrews 11:23-29, 2Corinthians 4:16-18

The following are some pertinent points worthy of note:

1.       Secure and actively engage the commitment of the invisible God for the actualization of the invisible sight.

Self-realization: You need to know who you are in the program of God on this earth. Define yourself based on the word of God. (Exodus 3:10-11)

God realization: You must have a personal encounter with God. Know God in all His might (Exodus 3:13-15)

Anointed empowerment realization: For your dreams to come through, you must know what God is working with in your life. What has God anointed in your life for special exploit? It is our responsibility to seek out what God wants to work with in our lives (Exodus 4:1-2)

Destiny relationship realization: You must seek out people that are divinely joined to your destiny and join yourself with them. Aaron was joined to Moses to help him fulfill his assignment. (Exodus 4:10-16)

2.       For the invisible to come to reality, the encounter with the Invisible God must provide you with promise or prophecy. Any vision without a promise/prophecy is subject to failure. Plant the seed of your promise and prophesy: Always look for the season to sow for the actualization of your vision.

3.    Fight the battles accompanying the reality of the invisible sight (Deuteronomy 2:24). For visions to come through, battles must be fought.  As Christians, we fight to defend our victories in Christ Jesus.

4.    Don't give up! You must develop a mindset that continues to fight if you want to realize your vision. (2Corinthians 4:16-17)

Have a working system (word of God, fellowship with His saints, worship) that renews your inner man daily.

Have a proper perspective on pain that “it is but for a moment” and it is working out an eternal process for you.

Fix your eyes on the Invisible: Focus on Jesus and the promises He has given. Look at people that have achieved what you want by the grace of God and serve/emulate them.

PRAYER: O Lord, give me the grace to see the invisible through Your eyes in Jesus name. Amen

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The difference between the champion and other contestants is the little extra the champion puts into what he does. Here are a few things that require some “extra”.

1.     Extra in your preparation: What separated Esther from every other lady competing for the position of queen was the extra preparation and training she added. Don’t stop where others stop. A little more time of preparation brings mastery and excellence.


2.     Put extra oil: Oil represents the anointing and things that make life runs smoothly. The wise virgins were not considered wise because they didn’t sleep (all of them slept). Neither were they wise because they heard the wake-up call (all of them heard the call). They were wise because they have a little bit of extra oil. Always put on extra time in servicing your relationship with Christ. Ensure that you go an extra mile with God. Abram went a yonder with his son in offering an acceptable sacrifice to God (Genesis 22:5). Put on a new attitude in your worship of God and notice a great change in your life.


3.     Apply an extra push: History has it that the difference between a brave warrior and a champion is that the latter can endure a little bit longer. Life respects those who develop strength of patience. Imagine how Saul destroyed his destiny because he gave up too soon.

Finally, respect little things of life. Life is built on little things. Five loaves of bread and two fishes fed 5,000 men and countless women. Andrew almost missed it when he said, “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?” (John 6:9)

As you move on in life, cultivate the habit of going an extra mile. It sets you above contemporaries. And consider this, if little sleep brings poverty, what do you think that little hard work and tenacity would bring?


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God does not expect you to complete your divinely-given assignment by your human resources. Every vision that God gives you is bigger than you, and you cannot run a God-given vision based on your plans neither can you finance it with your savings. Many people stop pursuing their God-given visions because they try to sponsor them by themselves only to find out that they cannot. Looking into the scriptures, we see that everyone who fulfilled a God-given mandate had to depend on someone or something other than themselves.

To properly depend on God for your resources, you must:

  • know that there is a reality of divine resources.
  • realize that divine resources differ from natural resources and that the extent of their effects also differs.
  • learn to connect and stay connected to divine resources

Indeed, there is a reality of God meeting our needs at all times. Consider these examples from the scripture:

  • protection for Rahab (Joshua 2)
  • provision of food for Elijah (1kings 17)
  • supply of men for David (1Chronicles 12)
  • sustenance for the Israelites (Nehemiah 9:21)
  • favor for Esther. The force of favor was the divine resource for Esther. She received favor, not just in the sight of the king, but in the sight of all (Esther 2:15)
  • Ruth had the resource of generational linkage. God gave her the understanding of generational linkages
  • for Abraham, it was covenant establishment
  • Isaac also received covenant establishment and increase in time of famine (Genesis 26)
  • the widow of the prophet servant had her debt paid off (2kings 4).  Notice in the story that the oil did not finish, it stopped. There is a big difference.

What you have is not as important as the understanding you have of who you are in redemption and who God is, and what He is capable to do for you. God does not give you money; He gives you exceedingly great and precious promises. You now have the responsibility to learn to convert promises to tangible things. What God gives you is in its seed form, it is up to you to make it into whatever you want.  The word of God/His promises are seeds. Use the word of His promise to get what you need in tangible form.

Remember that divine supply does not stop. When it seems it has stopped, ask the Lord and He will show you the next source. Divine supply does not always come in the form or through the channel you expect, so have an open mind before God so as not to miss divine supply. And this is where the word of God comes in, as a major way to tap into divine resources. When there is a need, understand what God is saying concerning the matter and what He had already said. Balance the written word with what God is saying at present.

To tap into divine resources, you need these:

  1. Seed: Your normal but divinely inspired acts connect you to divine supply. Consider Rahab in Joshua 2. The act of sowing seeds allowed the Philippians to access prophetic promise. Giving is a normal but divine supplying act.
  2. Enjoy an unbroken relationship with God’s servant. Consider 1 Samuel 22:23. The connection you have with God’s servant connects you to supernatural resources. As long as you're connected with men of God you are safe.
  3. Your faith is a connector in the spirit. By faith, so many things happen for you. You cannot receive from God without faith. When it seems all has stopped, faith says that things are still available.
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When you study Genesis 28, one of the things you learn is the wisdom of recognizing the presence of God when He comes. You must regularly recognize when God comes to you and respond accordingly. When people like Moses and Joshua realized they were in holy places, they removed their shoes. One way you can respond to His presence is to change your mindset. Once you can't balance your mindset you will miss a lot.

One of the mindset that people have and which you must guide against is familiarity. Familiarity is relating with God from physical point of view. Such is telling Him you're not happy that He didn't give you a physical thing.

Familiarity with God starts with a wrong relationship with the man God sent. You can't separate your physical relationship with God from the one you have with the man He sent.  Mark 4:1-3. You have to have properly honor and value the man God sent.

Another way to perceive familiarity is when a man crosses a bridge of the Holy things of God. An example is seen in Aaron's sons who burned strange fire before the Lord. They didn't prepare properly and attempted to offer sacrifice.  My members know how I prepare before a service. Whatever it is that you do for the Lord must be well done. Ensure you prepare your mind to meet the Lord at all times.

Don't get familiar. The day you get familiar I can't tell you what will happen. Familiarity causes a breach in the spirit that activates the wrath of God. As good as electricity is, it's dangerous when you don't approach it the right way.  How many of us have enjoyed great time in shower worshiping God, treat it sacred.  You can be washing dishes and hear the voice of God. When it happens you must adjust your mind. Let your mindset be conditioned to receive divine instruction during those times. As you are driving hearing God’s voice, you can record the instruction on your phone.

Beware of familiarity in His presence. Don't let familiarity breed contempt.


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