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Take Control of Your Life!

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Text: 1 Samuel 4:5-11; 1 Corinthians 15:13-16 amp


If you don't take control of your life, someone or something else will! Consider Reuben of the 12 tribes of Israel. This guy was the firstborn of Jacob. He had a major advantage over all of his brothers.But his lack of self control (lust) caused him to lose everything, inheriting only a curse. The curse he contracted was almost as terrible as the curse of Judas Iscariot himself!


Control is defined as having a strong grip; having gained possession of or having a grasp. Based on these definitions, do you have control over your life? Do you have a strong grip on life? What are you gaining possession of in life? If you're not doing any of these things - your life is out of your control. Promises and prophecies can come but it doesn't matter if you're not in control. 


Psalm 115:16 reminds us that God gave us everything we need to be in control on the earth. The truth is there is a reality of spirits battling to gain control over your life.  The more you have to fight them, the more God has given you to have control over.  There are some battles your pastor can fight for you, but the one battle you must fight on your own is the battle of life. 


There are many things you want to blame on people and systems but really it's a matter of you taking control. Here's what being in control does for you:


  • gives you order and structure. God does not operate where there is no order or structure. 
  • Prevents lesser things from taking over your life (stew took over the life of Esau) 
  • Prevents you from making wrong decisions and open yourself up to demonic attack. 
  • You risk becoming a slave to systems and circumstances 
  • You avoid running out of sufficiency of time and resources 
  • You will carry authority among men, Angels and Demons 

How do you control your life?


  • With the word of God. Ephesians 4:14-15
  • Use your mouth by speaking the truth of the word of God James 3
  • Be accountable to someone who can harness you. 
  • Stop playing the blame game. Accept responsibility over your life. 
  • Get rid of your complex. Whether it's inferiority or superiority complex, it's a mirage that keeps you from acknowledging the truth of your situation
  • Let the lion on the inside rise! 

Rise up and take control over your life!

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